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The hiking route app used by the Hike Catalonia guide

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

I, as a majority of regular people, get lost sometimes. Practice makes it perfect, but in the meanwhile, I love and, since day one of hiking in Catalonia, I use an outdoor navigation app WikiLock.

It is a free app, it has an incredible amount of data recorded by other people. On the day of the article, they had 30,984,096 trails from hiking routes to bicycles, snow or even via ferratas.

You can see a hiking route and a description on the web or app for totally free. However, I use WikiLoc Premium.

I cannot recommend more upgrading because only then you can navigate the route and get signalized indications if you are on track or off track together with some more cool and necessary features.

Unless you are a professional mountain guide - you will need these indications while hiking in the wild (or urban) nature.

Another cool thing about the app is that it was created and is being developed here in Catalonia!

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