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Social Hiking with Hike Catalonia

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

One of the core values of the Hike Catalonia project is "Social Hiking". 🚶‍♀️🚶🗣️

Those who are followers of the Hike Catalonia Instagram profile may have noticed this term here and there popping up for over a year.

It may be self-explanatory for some it also brings some questions 🤔 to others.

So what does Social Hiking stand for?

❓ Hiking for a social cause? Hiking and streaming on social media? Hiking in a socially responsible way? Hiking with people vs solo hiking❓

These are just a few guesses I got since I started using "Social Hiking" in my pitch.

Join more than 180 people in Hike Catalonia Community and never miss the next hike.

⚠️ Here is what social hiking means for us!

Social Hiking - prioritizing people, conversations and relationship building versus kilometres, elevation and technical aspects of the hike.

Bring socializing between hikers above the fitness aspect.

Hiking routes are selected so that people can spend at least 50% of the time comfortably walking and talking. I want to create a space where sharing life experiences and diving into deeper conversations happens without losing breath and making hearts beat in "the rhythm of the upbeat pop song". 🎶

Bring a diversity of hikers above the height of the mountain peaks.

One of the main goals of the project is to encourage people to leave the city and explore the natural beauties of Catalonia. I pick hiking routes that would not create extra barriers for people to join. I try to avoid steep and long inclinations. Most of the hiking routes do not require any special equipment.

I wish you all to prescribe yourself a 🌳 social hiking 🌳 trip to nature - doctors recommend it!

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