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An easy hike plan from Barcelona to Sant Cugat crossing Collserola Natural Park

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

This is the first out of 4 articles on a series of "Easy Hike plans from Barcelona by Hike Catalonia".

We already did this hike plan with a group some time ago!

Memory from Hike Catalonia hike
Carretera de les Aigües and hikers by Hike Catalonia

With the tips I describe in the article you will be able to be your own hike guide and bring friends or family on a lovely, beginners, dogs and kids friendly hike.

So let's start!

Hike Plan Overview

When planning a hiking trip with the Hike Catalonia Community I make sure to have these points covered:

  1. A hike starting point

  2. Hiking route details

  3. Technical details

  4. Sights to visit on the way

  5. A spot and food options for a lunch

  6. Transportation back to Barcelona

I the paragraphs below you will find these points covered in detail for this particular hike. Prepare yourself for the next adventure!

1. A hike starting point

As the meeting point, I suggest choosing Mundet metro stop or the entrance to the park (Parc del Laberint d'Horta).

If your hike buddies are new in Barcelona the metro stop is a safe place to meet. It's harder to get lost or take a wrong turn 🤓

If your fellow hikers are locals or well integrated in local culture, I suggest meeting at the entrance to the park as you will likely have to wait for somebody 💃😅

There you'll find an outdoor bar serving snacks and drinks. There those who come on time will be able to enjoy a morning coffee or cold drink while waiting for the rest of the group. P.s. Check the opening hours of the bar in advance before counting on this plan.

2. Hiking route details

This is not just a simple hiking route - it is the same route as the first phase of the Camino de Santiago from Barcelona to Santiago. Those who know Camino de Santiago will know that it is made in the way that you pass through the most beautiful and important local sights on the way.

Technical details of the hike (distance, elevation and time management)

Hike Route on WikiLoc App
Hike Route on WikiLoc App

I always use WikiLoc Mobile App on the hikes. For this hike plan I recommend to follow this route. It has been recorded and documented by they have hundreds of great routes.

  • It's a linear route (starting and end points are not the same).

  • The route length about 13 km.

  • Elevation gain and loss about 300m.

  • Hiking time from 3 to 6 hours.

Sights to visit on the way

I totally recommend to make these stops on your hike.

  1. Parc del Laberint d'Horta. The park itself is not extraordinary but, the cool thing about it is the labyrinth. It is much smaller than the biggest labyrinth in Spain, but it has a twist. It is the labyrinth of the famous movie - Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

Center of the labyrinth. Memory from the Hike Catalonia hike.
Center of the labyrinth by Hike Catalonia

2. Carretera de les Aigües. It's about a 9 km path that once served as the service road for a pipeline that transported water. Now it serves only nature, sports and walks lovers. The hike route passes parts of the road where you will get a chance to appreciate the stunning panoramas of Barcelona.

Panorama of Barcelona from Carretera de les Aigües. Memory from the Hike Catalonia hike.
Panorama of Barcelona from Carretera de les Aigües by Hike Catalonia

3. Pi d'en Xandri. It's a monumental pine with more than 230 years, a height of 23 meters and a trunk size of 3.60 meters. It is really impressive! You must stop there to appreciate the size and age of this pine tree.

Pi d'en Xandri pine tree with hikers by Hike Catalonia
Pi d'en Xandri pine tree by Hike Catalonia

4. Monastery of Sant Cugat. According to Wikipedia, it was founded in the 9th century and it was the most important monastery in the county of Barcelona. Now it may not be the most important, but it is impressive. You can appreciate it from the outside and inside.

Monastery of Sant Cugat inside by Hike Catalonia
Monastery of Sant Cugat inside by Hike Catalonia

3. A spot and food options for a lunch

On the hike trips, I always try to find a stunning panorama and settle for lunch there. This hiking route has some spots perfect for a picnic and also restaurants on the way.

If you plan to stop for a picnic I suggest settling in front of the pine tree Pi d'en Xandri. If your group gets hungry earlier then you can stop next to Ermita Sant Medir around there you will find a dedicated picnic place.

If you prefer to eat in a restaurant you can do it in Can Borrell which you will pass on your way or any other restaurant in Sant Cugat. Always consult the working hours of the restaurant and ideally make a reservation.

4. Transportation back to Barcelona

The hike route finishes in front of the monastery I suggest to walk straight to the train station of Sant Cugat where you will have trains (S1, S2, S6) going to Barcelona every 10 minutes. You can use the regular metro ticket that you use in Barcelona as Sant Cugat is zone 1.

Don't forget to leave your comment if you done this hike!

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